From Snapshots to Storytelling: Helping Kids Craft Their Own Photo Books

Have you ever noticed the way your kids light up when they see a camera? Those curious eyes that capture the world around them in a single click – it’s like they’re holding onto memories tighter than a treasure chest. But wait, have you ever wondered how you can turn those snapshots into something more? … Read more

8 Surefire Tips for Educating Kids on Road Safety and Signage Reading

Educating Kids on Road Safety and Signage Reading

Teaching the little ones to be alert and aware when they are out and about is an important part of any parent’s responsibility. As early as possible, children need to understand the basics of road safety and how to read signs. It’s no secret that kids learn best when the material is presented interestingly and … Read more

Guidelines for Competency in the Application of Sensory Integration Theory

The following statement reflects the position of the University of Southern California, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and Western Psychological Services (USC/WPS) in partnership, regarding the guidelines for minimum qualifications needed for the use of the sensory integrative frame of reference in therapeutic practice. This statement is intended to promote uniformly high standards … Read more