6 Proven Herbs that Build the Female Libido Naturally

herbs Despite what societal norms and stereotypes have told us, women also want sex. They also feel frisky and actually enjoy the act. This response is totally normal for women. The real problem is when they don’t get the urge to perform these activities as much as before.

Things like stress, hormonal imbalances and some other lifestyle factors can have adverse effects on your libido as a woman. That can affect your intimate relationships, mood and even your mental health.

Many women with low libidos resort to over the counter medications to remedy their situations, but you mustn’t play that route. If you feel yourself losing touch with your sexual urges, then you can try some herbs instead.

Many of these botanical allies work wonders on the female libido. Without placing undue stress on your liver and kidneys, these herbs step in and knock your sex drive back up a few notches.

And you don’t have to find these herbs in obscure herbalist stores anymore. With the help of some online stores like gardenix.com, you can get these herbs delivered to your doorstep.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a few herbal powerhouses that enhance the female libido.

Six Herbs that Enhance the Female Libido

Herbs that Enhance the Female Libido
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Before we get to it, you should note one important detail: Menopause can be a cause of low Libido. Thanks to the hormonal imbalances,, with estrogen levels dropping fast, women can lose their sex drive.

Herbs with estrogenic activity would help balance things out, and many herbs on this list fit the bill. Let’s begin:


Ginkgo biloba is a popular medicinal herb that is used for Chinese traditional remedies. People call it a living fossil because it is the last surviving member of an ancient order of plants.

Ginkgo has been proven to increase the blood’s concentration of nitric oxide. This chemical causes an increase in blood flow by dilating the vessels, and that could tackle any sexual dysfunction caused by inadequate blood supply.

Plus, the herb also has some oestrogenic capabilities that make it a potent remedy for the libido drop-off that comes with menopause. It enhances the oestrogen levels allowing a return of the sex drive.


Maca for women libido
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This herb is native to the Peruvian Andes mountains, and has been in use for thousands of years. Scientifically called Lepidium meyenii, this plant is a great herb for boosting the libido. We’ll tell you why.

Anti-depressant drugs are notable for their adverse effects on the libido, but this is where Maca comes in. A 2015 study found that the herb was effective against antidepressant induced sexual dysfunction after a period of 12 weeks.

Maca is also great for post-menopausal women, as it alleviates some of their symptoms like hot flashes and poor sleep.


This ancient herb from India is a staple in Ayurvedic medicine. The herb is an adaptogen as it helps women release the stress of the day, and restores balance after it. For the fact that stress is a huge killer of the sex drive, this is one big benefit.

A 2022 study found that Ashwagandha greatly improved the libido of women who took 300mg of the root extract daily for eight weeks. This was also accompanied by better sleep quality.

Ashwagandha intake also increases the level of estrogen in the body and decreases FSH and LH levels, which is perfect for menopausal women.


Rhodiola for women's libido
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Rhodiola is one of the most popular herbs for female libido. In Siberia, newlyweds are given bouquets of this flower as it is meant to represent (and increase) fertility.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen with potent, research-proven effects against stress and fatigue. It works by reducing the breakdown of dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters elicit feelings of happiness and pleasure that overshadow the present stress.

If you’re looking to get this herb for yourself, you might have to think again. Rhodiola is found in the high altitudes of Asia, Northern Europe and Northern America. This is why getting a supplement from an online supplier is your best bet.


Quick history fact: Hibiscus was forbidden to women in Ancient Egypt. This was because the herb was said to elicit unbecoming thoughts in the women. While harsh and unnecessary, the Egyptians were right about something: The herb is actually great for enhancing the libido.

The herb has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which ensure your general health as the libido effects take action. Oxidative stress is a big cause of sexual dysfunction, and Hibiscus reduces this.

This herb makes things change under the sheets, but is also useful elsewhere. Places like cholesterol control, blood sugar management, and skin care are also positively affected by Hibiscus. By diligently taking a supplement of this herb, you can gain all these benefits at once.

Dong Quai

This herb is popular in Japan, China, and Korea. Also known as the “Female ginseng,” it is an adaptogen, easing the stress and fatigue of the user to enhance sex drive.

Dong Quai is also a phytoestrogen. It tackles menopausal symptoms like heat flashes, and the dreaded low libido, by balancing the hormones.

The herb is also a vasodilator. This means that it widens the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs. That increases arousal and lubrication, combine that with the stress relief, and you have the perfect herb for your needs.


Herbs that Build the Female Libido
Source: promescent.com

A reduced sex drive can have far reaching consequences beyond the obvious. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy in the partner, tension and conflicts in the relationship, which may end in separation.

You can avoid all those by making your choice of the herbal remedies you’ve seen here. These herbs are just as effective as regular pills, yet natural and easier on the liver.

Getting these herbal supplements and complementing them with a balanced diet and healthy habits can revitalize your sex life. It all starts with a simple decision.

Do you want to regain the joy you once had in the sheets? If yes, then you know what to do.