Navigating Dental Procedures With Sensory Sensitivities: Expert Tips 

Dental Procedures With Sensory Sensitivities

The shrill whir of the dentist’s drill. The cramped feel of the exam chair. The harsh odor of cleaning solutions. For many people, visiting the dentist poses no issue. But for those with sensory processing challenges, dental appointments can be distressing environments full of triggers. Even routine procedures like cleaning or X-rays can overload the … Read more

Why Businesses Should Invest in Employee Training (2024)

Businesses Should Invest in Employee Training

Businesses must start investing in employee training. Multiple surveys show it’s not as common. Onboarding training, yes, but continuous training, no. One study found that one in four respondents didn’t feel they’d had the proper training. The result impacts employees and employers. A business needs employees that actually know what they’re doing, in some industries … Read more

Uncover Norway’s Captivating Allure (2024)

Norway's Captivating Allure

With its spellbinding landscapes of majestic fjords, ancient glaciers, and towering peaks and fascinating tales of trolls, Vikings and Northern Lights, Norway entices adventurers and dreamers alike to unravel its mysteries. This magnificent country offers countless remarkable experiences for travelers to discover, from exploring icy blue ice caves to embarking on once-in-a-lifetime hikes to catching … Read more