Chronic Procrastination: Understanding the Science Behind It

Ever found yourself fixating on a goal, only to find inertia gripping you tight, rendering you motionless towards its attainment? Why does this happen? Procrastination, that relentless adversary, ensnares many in its coils: a crucial task looms, yet we defer, succumbing to worry and guilt. This draining cycle saps our vitality, prolonging the task’s postponement … Read more

Why Businesses Should Invest in Employee Training (2024)

Businesses Should Invest in Employee Training

Businesses must start investing in employee training. Multiple surveys show it’s not as common. Onboarding training, yes, but continuous training, no. One study found that one in four respondents didn’t feel they’d had the proper training. The result impacts employees and employers. A business needs employees that actually know what they’re doing, in some industries … Read more