Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder in Children: A Guide for Parents

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

Our role as parents is to ensure that we understand and support our children in every aspect of their lives. However, there are times that we have to dig deeper, such as when a child has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). With so many children and adults being diagnosed with Spectrum and other environmental disorders increasing … Read more

Pediatric Podiatry: When to Bring Your Child to a Podiatrist for Foot Problems

Even children may have problems with their feet while growing up. Sometimes they grow up so fast, so it’s normal to face some temporary problems. But it doesn’t mean the condition shouldn’t be properly treated. That’s why pediatric podiatry exists as a medicine branch, to help those in need to immediately resolve some issues and … Read more

GOAL – Functional Assessment for Children Ages 7-17

This new assessment is innovative and unique! A pioneering functional assessment for children ages 7-17 The Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills (GOAL)is an innovative new evaluation of functional motor abilities needed for daily living in children ages 7 to 17. Each activity is analyzed so that assessment results can be linked to specific underlying sensory and motor … Read more

Occupational Therapy for Children and Adults

Occupational therapy for children Occupational therapy (OT) for SPD in children is fun! During sensory-based OT sessions, the therapist and your child interact in a sensory-rich environment with lots of swinging, spinning, tactile, visual, auditory, and taste opportunities that seem to a child more like a giant playground than a therapy center. Sessions are subtly structured … Read more

Home Activities for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

All children can benefit from appropriate sensory experiences. There is much research available demonstrating the benefits of sensory-rich environments for animals and the same appears to be true for humans. For children who have atypical reactions to the sensory environment, the world can be a scary and challenging place. Many aspects of home and family … Read more