Pediatric Podiatry: When to Bring Your Child to a Podiatrist for Foot Problems

Even children may have problems with their feet while growing up. Sometimes they grow up so fast, so it’s normal to face some temporary problems. But it doesn’t mean the condition shouldn’t be properly treated. That’s why pediatric podiatry exists as a medicine branch, to help those in need to immediately resolve some issues and have a healthy and painless childhood.

But how to recognize if a child needs help?

First, you’ll have to notice if they have any abnormality or discomfort while walking. It’s essential to take the child to a pediatric podiatrist for evaluation and eventual treatment, so they can proceed walking without any pains and issues. Sometimes it takes time to find a great doctor, but if you narrow down your search to your location, like a podiatrist in Oshawa or other areas, you’ll find solutions like That way, you’re 100% sure your children are in good hands.

But let’s get back to the main topic


Many parents aren’t even aware their children need more assistance walking or moving across the home. You already know how painful it can be when the feet hurt, so if you see some of the following issues, you need to take your child immediately for treatment:

  1. Ankle and feet pains

Children often complain of pain, but you need to listen to them carefully. They aren’t ready to precisely locate the source of the pain, but they can indeed feel it. So, listen to them when they complain, and schedule a meeting with a pediatric podiatrist.

Sometimes growing up is a painful process, especially when it happens too fast. That’s why you must listen to what your kids are talking about, and help them with it. A pediatric podiatrist can evaluate the cause of pain and recommend treatment if needed.

  1. Flat feet or high arch


Many children have flat feet or the opposite condition, high arches. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, it’s really something that can lead to plenty of problems in the future. These conditions must be monitored and treated by a doctor, or in this case, a pediatric podiatrist.

In such cases, children must receive appropriate treatment that may include specific exercises and orthotics, to prevent further damage. As you motivate your child to regularly exercise, and wear the orthotic aids, their feet get the appropriate shape and children have no hard time walking.

Additionally, when corrected on time, issues like flat feet or high arches won’t cause posture and stability issues.

  1. Difficulties while walking

Sometimes children have walking or standing issues. If your child is old enough to be stable, but they don’t seem to walk properly, maybe you need to see a podiatrist. This way you can treat any eventual underlying foot problem, and undergo treatment if needed.

That’s why you have to monitor the child regularly and see if there is something wrong with their walking pattern. If something seems unusual, you’ll have to meet the doctor immediately, to prevent further mobility issues.

  1. Ingrown nails or specific skin conditions


Yes, even children may suffer from some of these issues. And their skin is more sensitive compared to adults. That’s why warts and rashes can be even more painful for them if not treated on time. Sometimes, visiting a dermatologist is essential, but even the pediatric podiatrist can help resolve some of these issues.

As you know, ingrown toenails can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Sometimes it’s caused by a broken nail or bad cut, but in other cases, it can be an ongoing issue causing plenty of issues. Skin conditions can be pretty painful too. And of course, even children may sometimes have a fungal infection that requires treatment.

If you see some changes on their feet, it’s time to visit the podiatrist for treatment.

  1. Injuries and swelling

If your children practice sports or other games, they can often face foot or ankle injuries. If something like that happens, you’ll have to immediately bring them to a podiatrist for further evaluation. Injuries must be treated on time, especially when it comes to legs and feet.

Sometimes injuries lead to deformation and weakness, so it may not be the best idea to ignore it and wait for the pain to go away.

  1. Child has visible foot deformation


Sadly, many children suffer foot deformation at an early age. If not treated on time, these deformations can become a lifetime problem that will lower the quality of life when the child grows older.

Some deformations are temporary and go away as the child grows up. But surely you don’t want to risk and gamble on your child’s health. That’s why you’ll have to visit the podiatrist regularly, so you can resolve the issues on time.

When dealing with this kind of problem, there are several aspects that you should keep in mind. First of all, you must pay close attention to your child’s development and monitor any changes that occur. Any deformity can cause problems later in life and therefore must be treated in time. The same applies to the other problems we listed above.

Final thoughts

Every child deserves a quality life, and this also applies when it comes to their feet and physical development in general. Don’t ignore possible problems, because they can cause bigger challenges later in life. Any change, even if it is a small wound, must be treated accordingly.

And of course, do not give in to the challenge of finding a professional doctor who will support you throughout the process. There are many pediatric podiatrists, but the goal is to find one who will properly treat the problems and challenges. In fact, this is the only way you can be sure that the child receives the correct treatment and that the treatment produces the desired and expected results. And every child deserves that.

We hope that this article helps you resolve your dilemmas and take your kid to a pediatric podiatrist, even though the issue seems small and naïve.