How To Tackle Your New Year’s Resolution to Quit Smoking

It is often said that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken, but if you have a firm resolve to stick to a resolution, you can definitely be successful. Most people try to adopt a healthy lifestyle or quit a bad habit, and quitting smoking is on the list of many smokers. However, it is not easy to quit an addiction, and most people fail because they do not understand how addiction works.

People see vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking and also as a way to control, regulate, and eventually quit smoking. However, many smokers do not know how vaping works and how it is different from smoking a regular cigarette. So, if you, too, are new to vaping and want to know about it, visit here to learn more.

Handling Your Cigarette Addition This New Year

Vaping is one to regulate smoking by chain smokers, but there are other ways as well. In this blog post, you will come across some ways by which you can live up to your New Year’s resolution of quitting smoking.



Vaping involves inhaling vapors that contain vaporized nicotine along with some flavor-inducing substances. Nicotine is an addictive substance that is present in cigarettes, and people who are chain smokers cannot stop smoking all of a sudden because they get strong withdrawal symptoms. Hence, vaping is a way for them to control their addiction and eventually quit cigarettes altogether.

The best part about vaping is that the amount of nicotine that is being turned into vapor form can be measured. So, people can gradually lessen the amount of addictive substances that they inhale. Thus, when you use vaping you do not have to quit all of a sudden, in one go, and that is exactly what helps in completing your resolution. Many people also go for nicotine replacement therapy, whereby patches or chewing gums that contain the addictive substance are used to regulate the levels of addiction and the craving.

Avoid Things That Trigger

Just like all addictions, be it drugs, alcohol, smoking too has its triggers. In some cases, visiting a place where you often smoked, like your favorite restaurant or bar, may be a trigger. In some other cases, the trigger might be a situation.

For instance, some people need to smoke a cigarette to focus properly or be able to pay attention to a subject. In such cases, it is best to avoid such situations or use a regular chewing cum or something less addictive to get over the cravings.

Try Not To Give In To Your Cravings

The biggest mistake that most chain smokers make is that they give in to their cravings really soon. For example, if a person smokes every half an hour he should try to resist and stay without a cigarette for more than an hour or two.

It is usually difficult to resist cravings, so it is best to get some sort of distraction to avoid the urge to smoke. For instance, if you like playing any sport or if you like solving a puzzle, it is best to do that as it will help you forget about your cravings to some extent.

Try Mindfulness Or Meditation To Overcome Cravings

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Even the most resolute person cannot give up on cravings easily. So, some experts suggest that mindfulness, be it yoga or any other form of meditation, may help. Mindfulness helps release stress, and since most people use cigarettes as a way to deal with stress, mindfulness or meditation can really help.

Seek Help from Friends And Family

One easy way to deal with smoking addiction is to get help from friends or family members who have quit smoking in the past. To talk to ex-smokers and make suggestions as to the methods that worked for them and those that did not.

Try To Motivate Yourself

At all times, keep reminding yourself why you need to quit smoking and how it will benefit your health. Try to mark dates in the calendar to remind yourself of your daily goals in terms of quitting. You can also help from a counselor to help you remain motivated so that you do not give in to cravings quite often.

Go To A Rehab

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A rehabilitation center is often the last route to get rid of an addiction. In a rehabilitation center, there are experts who study your addiction pattern and then devise a suitable plan to overcome your cravings. A rehabilitation center may use a variety of methods that include positive and negative reinforcements to help you quit smoking. Also, the time that you have to spend at a deaddiction center depends on the level of your addiction.

So, if you smoke, say, five to six times a day, you may be able to get rid of the bad habit in a few months. But if you are used to smoking every fifteen minutes or so, you may have spent more than six months or even up to a year at a de-addiction center. But before you get yourself admitted to a center, do thorough research on the credibility and the reputation of the center as a non-reputable place that may negatively impact your health.


Most people cannot keep up with their new year resolutions because they are not firm, but staying motivated and seeking all sorts of help can work. Quitting an addiction like smoking takes time and a lot of patience, so you must be prepared to put in a lot of effort in order to quit cigarettes.

So, try mindfulness and try to distract yourself with other hobbies. Try to avoid triggers that make you want to smoke. At the same time, try talking to a doctor or a coach who can guide you with a plan so that you can tackle withdrawal symptoms in a better manner. And finally, take help from your peers, try to get the best advice, and remember that each person has a different path to deaddiction.