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SPD Parent Connections Groups — United States

For up-to-date meeting times and places, please contact the host listed for the meeting nearest you. Please note that these meetings are for adults only.

If you are already a Parent Connections host and need to update your contact or meeting information, please email

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Connections host, click here to review our SPD-PC Information and Application and then email us at to indicate your interest.

PUBLIC ADVISORY: The names and contact information of our Parent Connections hosts are provided as a public service to families and others seeking support and information to help them live with sensory processing issues. If you wish to contact an SPD-PC host for any other reason, please state clearly that you are doing so independent of and without the knowledge or authorization of the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation.

New Mexico

Host: Siobhan P. McCoy
Where: Parents Reaching Out Office - 1920 B. Columbia Dr. SE
When: E-mail for specific dates and times.

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