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Helpful Resources

How to Navigate the SPDF Website

Let's start with the The logo with in the top left corner is on every page of our website. By clicking on this logo, you will be brought to the home page from any page you are on. The SPDF blog is located on our home page. Clicking on the words, "The Sensory Processing Disorder Blog" opens the blog and shows all posts. The buttons along the right side of the home page are all links, as is anything in blue and underlined throughout the website.

Did you know that we are also on Facebook and Twitter? You can follow us by clicking the icons listed on the home page or right here:

Follow Us: Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation BlogSensory Processing Disorder Foundation on Facebook

The navigation bar is along the left side of the page. By hovering over some of these topics, a fly-out menu of subtopics will appear. Drag your mouse across the fly-out menu and click the title you desire.

Most computer screens are not large enough to view the entire page at one time. Scroll down to view the entire page. This will be necessary to view the entire fly-out menu of the navigation bar. You will need to scroll down first in order to see the full fly-out menu.

There is also a search option on every page in the upper right corner. Type in a key word or phrase and it will bring up a list of locations in which that word or phrase appears on the website along with a link to that location.


Visit the Shop With Us option on our website for a list of recommended books within the following 3 different categories:

Activities and children's books
Books for teachers
Textbooks and general information

Treatment Directory

Our (located under "Find Services - Search for Services") is an excellent resource of more than 1000 service providers nationwide. Of course, our directory consists of OTs, PTs, SLPs, etc., but we also have eye care specialists, dentists, community resources, and more! The easiest way to use the directory is to click on the type of service you want along with the city and state, then click search. To expand your search, select the state only. That way, you will obtain information for multiple cities.

If you would like to be listed on our treatment directory, all you have to do is go to our select the professional membership level, and choose your method of payment or continue with a free listing. As a paid member, when someone clicks on your name they will receive detailed information about your training, experience, specialty areas, and other background information. A free listing posts your name and address only.

Our Library

Our library contains a wealth of information and articles. All of the articles are categorized by subject. When you go to our library page, you will see subject headings along the left side. When you click on one of the topics it displays a page with specific information related to that subject heading.

On the right side of the Library page, shaded in two separate blue boxes, are some highlighted articles. The top box contains articles from 2007- present that have been authored or co-authored by at least one member of the SPD Foundation. The bottom blue box lists articles related to the validity of SPD.

If you go back to the navigation bar on the far left side and hover over Our Library, the 2nd subtopic is or Frequently Asked Questions. There are three options listed here: parent or teachers, clinicians, and health care providers.

The last subtopic under Our Library is Unlike the search option in the upper right corner of each webpage, this page will search the library only. Type in a key word or phrase, click "search" and a list of items with links will come up. When searching for an article that is in PDF format, a list of articles will appear. These will not be linked but you will be able to locate the title in the list of articles on the main library page.

Parent Connections

Parents of special needs children undoubtedly need support from other parents. Would you like to get connected with a parent support group? The SPD Foundation can help. The is a grassroots network of active groups in more than 90 communities worldwide. located under For Families and click on either or to find a PC group near you. If you don't find a group near you and would like to start a new one, click on the at the bottom of that page for information and an application.

Save the date - Florida Symposium 2011

The S.O.S. (Sequential Oral Sensory approach to feeding conference

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