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Social Media


The SPD Foundation is on Facebook! Please join our cause page and help us spread SPD awareness to others. We know the trend is moving toward Facebook and more of you get up and check your Facebook every morning before you read your email! We want to offer you another source where you can get current news, updates, happenings, special events and more.

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We're doing our best to stay up to par with the social media frenzy, so the SPD Foundation is now on Twitter, too! We are just getting our feet wet, but we have found Twitter to be a wonderful tool to get quick messages out to our readers. We use Twitter for media and news updates, links to helpful articles and blogs, special events, etc.

For those of you who may not know about Twitter, it is sort of like a text. You can set tweets (messages) to come directly to your cell phone just like a text. Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which amounts to about a sentence or two. You do not need to have internet on your cell phone in order to receive tweets. However, you do need internet access to set up a Twitter account, which takes about two minutes. Then you can . You don't have to set your tweets to come to your cell phone. You can go to your account on your computer and read them there.

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Volunteer Work

We often get emails and phone calls from very special people asking if they can do volunteer work for us. If you live in the Denver metro area, we would value a phone call or email from you. Volunteering from afar can be challenging but it is certainly not impossible.

Below are lists of volunteer tasks/positions that we currently have available. Local volunteers must be able to come to our office. If you are interested in doing any kind of volunteer work listed below, please contact Susanne at 303-794-1182 or email info@spdfoundation.net. All volunteers will be in communications with and under guidance of a supervisor, whether local, out of town, or working from home.

Job description Local Volunteers Out-of-town Volunteers
Data entry
Stuffing envelopes
Internet searches
Phone calls
Videotaping treatment sessions at the STAR Center
Video editing (requires someone with OT experience – simple editing can be trained)
Child care for parent feedback sessions and “Lunch with Dr. Lucy” (Usually a 1 hour session)
Creating and laminating behavior charts and other resources used at STAR Center
Scoring assessments
Help during symposiums – registration, manning tables, set up, clean up, etc.
Fundraising organizer
Soliciting silent auction items from businesses for fundraisers
Writer (Must have communications and copy editing background. Can be done from home.)
Social media "experts" (Must have some marketing or development knowledge in regards to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This can be done from home.)

Videos Needed

Professionals working in the school system:

We are in need of videos showing examples of children with SPD in the classroom. These videos will be used for educational purposes such as presentations at conferences, mentorship programs, e-Learning, webinars, etc. We must have permission slips (we will provide the form) from every parent whose child is seen in these videos. If you would like to send videos or need more information, please contact Susanne at 303-794-1182 or email info@spdfoundation.net.

Save the date - Florida Symposium 2011

The S.O.S. (Sequential Oral Sensory approach to feeding conference

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