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Sensational Families

October was National Sensory Awareness Month. As the SPD Foundation entered its 30th year in existence at the beginning of 2010 we started making plans for Sensation Celebrations all over the world. We asked you to organize fundraisers to keep our research moving ahead toward diagnostic recognition of SPD in the next edition of the DSM-V. So many of you stepped forward to plan these sensational "30 for 30" events. We can't wait to tell you all about the success of these events in our next issue of Sensations.

Here's an example of one of our "30 for 30" events organized by Parent Connections host, Amy Bornhoft:

An array of specialty goodies by Kimberly Wilcox.

Thirty Sales for Thirty Years

Amy Bornhoft, an SPD Parent Connections host and mother of three (one set of twins) hosted a vendor party. She invited friends telling them, "As a hostess, I will receive nothing but the pleasure of your company and the hope that through these donations progress will be made to help children like my daughter, Madison."

Amy had nine different vendors selling handbags, jewelry, candles, cosmetics, kitchen tools, and fine chocolates. She even had a massage therapist! She served great food and created a fun and a wonderful shopping experience for her guests.

All of the participating vendors gave a portion of their proceeds to the SPD Foundation. Amy also solicited several retailers who donated raffle items for her guests to enjoy.

Susan Mutter and Miche Bags shop for jewelry
with sales consultant, Sherri Ward

Amy raised a total of $350 for the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation.

"Many people stayed, some just came in and shopped. Either way I am so grateful to the shoppers, consultants, and retailers who participated", Amy recalled.

We are very grateful too, Amy. Thank you for your creative ideas and dedication to the SPD Foundation.

Amy Bornhoft lives in Virginia with her husband, son, and twins (boy and girl). She works for Soulcial Solutions, developing new business, and Child Development Resource Center, raising awareness and funds. She also facilitates a support/resource group through Parent Connections at the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and is one of the parent writers on the SPD Foundation blog. Through sharing her family's experiences she hope readers will realize they are not alone. She also hopes parents will open up about the positive and negative impact Sensory Processing Disorder has on their lives.

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