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Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) offers training discounts through SPD Foundation which support research SPD research.

Professional Training and Certification

– advanced training for professionals
  • 4 days of training
  • Theory and practice of auditory training
  • Extensive hands-on practice with iLs equipment; case studies

Practitioner Certification

– basic training for professionals or parents
  • 1 day course (also available by distance training)
  • Abbreviated theory and practice of auditory training
  • Hands-on practice with iLs equipment

Both courses are suitable for professionals – clinicians, educators, and counselors – working with children and adults challenged by

  • learning and attention difficulties
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • auditory processing
  • the autistic spectrum

Parents are welcome in the Practitioner Training program. A professional degree and two years of professional experience are required to enroll for the Professional Training program.

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) combines individualized auditory training with visual and balance exercises. The program stimulates visual, vestibular, and auditory systems simultaneously and is useful in clinical, school, and/or home environments. iLs can help those with sensory, motor, processing, speech/language, and concentration or attention difficulties. Combined with occupational therapy, Listening Therapy appears to "jump start" developmental changes in children with challenges.

Professional Certification

A 4-day course training professionals in the iLs methodology, neuroanatomy of the brain, clinical assessments, client program customization, and hands-on practice with iLs professional equipment (the 1000 and iLs Pro). Certification is granted after successful completion of the course and three mentored case studies. Professional Certification also authorizes the use and resale of iLs Focus and Home Systems. Registration criteria for the Professional Certification includes a professional degree and two years of experience in your field.

iLs Professional Certification training is conducted by Ron Minson, MD, student of Dr. A. Tomatis.

Course Fee $1200 less $200 discount = $1000

Practitioner Certification

A 1-day course (also available via distance training) that covers the iLs curriculum in a hands-on interactive format. Trainees gain experience using iLs systems and are qualified to purchase the iLs Focus and Kick Start as a result of this training. Trainees can only become resellers after they have completed the training requirements as well as their own listening program and demonstrated satisfactory knowledge of the equipment and method in post-course correspondence with iLs trainers.

Course fee $250 less $50 discount = $200

Practitioner Certification as a Distance Course

  • A distance course version of the Practitioner Certification is available at anytime ($250 course fee less $50 discount = $200)
  • The course manual, as well as presentation materials, are sent to the Practitioner trainee. The quiz is returned to iLs. Via a scheduled telephone conference, we review the quiz and answer questions with you.
  • Registration in the distance course enables you to attend any future on-site training at no charge.
  • Fees paid toward Practitioner training (on-site or distance) are applied to any future 4-day Professional training.


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